I knew there had to be a better way – where my purpose and my work didn't have to be two separate worlds.

I always believed that there had to be a better way – that my work had more purpose than just paying the bills, and I had been blessed to bless others. Taking off almost an entire year of design, I was able to see need all over the world like never before, and saw how business could be apart of renewing culture.

And from that place, Thuro has been that privilege to partner with likeminded people that have vision for their businesses to be an avenue of redemption and relationship to share the hope of Jesus. Sound like you? Perfect, can't wait to hear more.

Sometimes, starting is the hardest part, and trusting in the unknown can look completely impossible. My hope is that my story would encourage you and those dreams embedded in your heart that were always meant to come into fruition. And my heart is to help you get there.

In 2018, I was working at a design agency and life was really comfortable. I loved my job, friends, and ministry I was apart of. Then, an opportunity came up to do a year of overseas missions work. I wrestled with the decision knowing that everything would change.

But deep down, I knew I was supposed to go. So I quit my job, sold half of my stuff, moved out of my apartment and went to 12 countries in one year.

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Your vision deserves attention to detail. I value being intentional in how I care for each client by educating you how to best utilize your new brand through my in-depth branding process. Together, we craft your custom brand designed to engage

your ideal audience.

Invest once and invest well. I believe that legacy branding is grounded in your values, mission, and long-term goals. I'm passionate about collaborating with likeminded entrepreneurs with vision for how their business can be a sustainable avenue to renew culture and share the love of Jesus.

I value holistic beauty in a life well lived. Rooted in purpose, I make beautiful brands created to bring life to stories that matter. I believe that we are called to steward our time, skills, and finances with excellence to glorify God and

create opportunities for those around us.



"Morgan is detailed and meticulous. She digs deep to really get to the heart of the brand to successfully capture and showcase it.

I can't wait to use our new branding. It's super thoughtful and communicates the essence of our brand."