At Thuro, we believe faith and business are made to be in union — and if God made all things, business is surely one of them. As a visionary entrepreneur, your work and passion don’t have to be separate worlds. Instead, each can inform the other, so you can better empower, serve, and resonate with your customers.

I knew there had to be a better way—where my purpose and my work weren’t mutually exclusive. In 2018, while working at a design agency and living a pretty comfortable life, an opportunity for a year of overseas missions work came up, and I knew it could change everything. So I took the leap. I quit my job, sold half of what I owned, moved out of my apartment, and went to 12 countries in 12 months. And what I discovered was even more life-changing that I imagined.

I found that the needs around the world were greater than I realized — and that business could be a part of serving those who need it most.

Rather than just being an agent of paying bills and living life, our work could actually do good and be part of renewing culture.

Since then, Thuro was built to serve redemptive brands with that same mission and vision — for their businesses to be a place where quality work can better the lives of others, sharing the love and service of Jesus.

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