How To Cultivate Kingdom Impact in Your Business

April 7, 2022

When I was in design school, I remember wondering how I was going to cultivate Kingdom impact when I spent most of my day clicking pixels on a screen. I’ve continued to pursue the answer to that question, and God continued to show me how business is apart of His redemptive plan.

There can be a subtle narrative in Christian culture that says ministry jobs are more spiritual and that the majority of everyone else is on the B team. And friend, I’m here to unbox that idea that God is moving alongside those around you in powerful ways. If you’re a designer, business owner, on the mission field, or a stay-at-home mom, you’re being faithful to the role God has called you to.

Abiding Over Accomplishing

Before you’re all of the hats you wear, you’re His. First thing’s first, and will always be – going back to our identity in Christ.

When we’re abiding with Jesus, we experience freedom, love, and trust. When we’re accomplishing in our own strength, we experience anxiety, stress, and burnout. Warning signs of when we need to realign with what matters most.

A phrase that I’ve been pondering lately is, “gripping onto faith with my hands wide open.” In this posture, I’m trusting that the only thing I can put my hope in is Jesus. Not a new inquiry, not a paid invoice, not the Instagram algorithm. The only thing that is true and lasting is His Word. My job is faithfulness, His job is the results. And I can live in peace knowing that He is completely in control, and is a way better CEO of my life than me.

It’s not important who does the planting, or who does the watering. What’s important is that God makes the seed grow. – 1 Corinthians 3:7

3 Ways to Cultivate Kingdom Impact In Your Business

01. Invite God into the process

If you don’t already, here’s your permission talk to God about your business. Worried about sales, feeling drained, feeling like you don’t have what it takes? Come to Him. Ask Him for what you need. Thank Him for every single time He has came through for you in the past.

Pray for your clients, your employees, your business community. God cares about how we steward the circles of relationships that He’s given us, and He wants to be involved.

For me, I love getting to pray with my clients over zoom calls or asking God for an idea for a logo concept. When I’m feeling worry or stress creep in, I’ll go on a prayer walk in the middle of the day.

02. Stay true to your calling

As we filter our lives through the lens of Jesus, this changes everything. How we care for employees, what type of businesses we support and partner with, and how we choose to be generous to needs in our community.

In the business world, there’s a lot of greed and manipulation to sift through. By choosing to stay true to who the Lord created you to be will shine through. The deeper story and the values you carry make you stand out from secular competition. As we work with excellence and good stewardship, God connects the people that are on the same mission.

With Thuro, I chose to work with redemptive brands that focus on renewing culture, blessing others, and moving God’s kingdom forward. As I’ve pursued this calling, I’ve had life-giving client relationships and aligned, purposeful projects.

03. Make the most of your relationships

Another subtle narrative is a narrow view of what sharing Jesus looks like. Sometimes, we think it only looks like sitting down with an unbeliever and sharing the Gospel with them. While that way of sharing has its place, we can underestimate the power of genuine connection with those around us.

This goes back to our root idea of abiding in Christ. As we take the step to encourage our business friends online, or schedule a co-worker lunch, God unfolds the opportunity for deeper conversations. Remember, it’s not on your shoulders to produce fruit. You’re called to abide in Him and walk in obedience to the opportunities He has put in front of you.

God has completely unboxed my mindset that ministry happens after I get off work by opening the doors to so many impactful conversations with designers and clients that I’ve never met in “real life.”

Entrepreneurship As A Believer Doesn’t Have to be Lonely

When I first started my design studio, I felt like no one could relate to the heart behind my business or the struggles I was going through. As believers in the business space, we don’t have to do this alone. That’s why Jen from Hello June Creative and I launched The Orchard. A fellowship of believers bearing fruit together in the business space.

Our vision for this space is where likeminded business owners can pray for and encourage one another as we pursue Jesus in all that we do. If this sounds like you, we’d love to get to know you in our community.

I hope these thoughts gives you fresh faith in your day to day. And I’d love to continue the conversation with you in the comments. What are some challenges or breakthroughs in ways you’ve merged your faith and business?

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