How to Elevate Your Impact with Sustainable Packaging

July 25, 2022

If you’re a business owner that wants to move towards becoming more sustainable, one of the biggest shifts you can make is with your packaging.

Since the pandemic, studies show that online shopping has increased more than ever along with packaging waste. As business owners, we have an incredible opportunity to make decisions align with how things should be. By redeeming the effects from adding to the $120 billion of packaging waste each year.

Sustainability practices have continued to increase as a primary value for brands. The primary driving factors are to reverse the harm of landfills and to meet the demand of customers. Such as millineals that continue to grow more conscious about their buying habits.

Consumers value and care about their impact they are making in the world, and they are also willing to pay for it. As a result, brands have an opportunity to position themselves at a premium price point while also reducing waste with sustainable packaging.

As believers, God has called us to steward this earth and take care of it. So, we all have a responsibility to restore what we’ve been given in every part of our business.

Here are four ideas in how you can create more sustainable packaging for your brand to increase your impact, benefit your business, and attract consumers that care about making a difference with you.

Use Reusable / Refillable Containers

At Thuro, we always like to envision an unforgettable unboxing experience for your customers. With thinking through every brand touchpoint, we’re able to imagine what the packaging could become after the first use. Not only does this extend the life of your packaging, but it serves to continue to market your brand as a reminder to your customer.

Taking it a step further, you could offer refillable containers and use the Shopify app, Returnly. This would help the process be smooth and seamless for your customers while going against a disposable culture.

Choose Eco-Friendly Materials

Making small decisions can go a long way. Whatever your packaging budget is, there are sustainable options for everyone in each stage of business. Here’s some common materials to consider to help your business become more green.

Compostable packaging – made from plant based materials with the ability to decompose back into the earth.

Recycled packaging – reduce waste in landfills and conserve natural resources.

Econoflex boxes – made from 100% recycled materials, Econoflex is the most eco-friendly shipping box available today (it’s even biodegradable).

Kraft paper – manufactured wood pulp with reusable chemicals in the manufacturing process

Mushroom packaging – An alternative to styrofoam, mushroom packaging is made from mycelium — a fungus found in mushrooms. For brands that need sturdy packaging material that can hold products and keep them in place.

Pro tip: Make sure to add a reminder on your packaging for your customers on recycling to help continue the sustainability cycle. Or, you could offer ways to recycle your packaging for them.

Invest in Custom Packaging

Instead of choosing from standard packaging sizes, it’s best practice to work with a designer to create custom packaging to:

1. Reduce waste due to excessive, unused space.

2. Ensure your packaging is in alignment and cohesive with your brand story

3. Minimize mistakes and extra costs by entrusting an expert with your packaging to ensure your brand experience is engaging and ready for print.

4. Strategize on how your packaging design can surprise and delight repeat customers and encourage word of mouth referrals with their network.

5. Invest well in packaging design to serve your business for years to come and create stronger brand recognition.

Make Your Sustainability Efforts Known

Make sure to incorporate your sustainability values throughout your brand, marketing, website, and packaging to connect with like-minded customers and to stand apart from your competition. You’re offering your product at a premium price, and you want your customer to know that they’re not just making a transaction, they’re making a difference.

We all have a part to play when it comes to stewarding the resources we’ve been given. What’s some of your favorite ways you’ve made your business and lifestyle more sustainable? Write your response in the comments!

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