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Handmade, sustainably sourced jewelry and homewares that honor your aesthetic and lifestyle.

CLIENT: amber Smith

LOCATION: San Luis Obispo, CA


Website copy: LĀeR STudio

Photography: steph smith

contemporary, bold, intentional


vision & CHALLENGE

As a ceramic artist turned jewelry maker, Amber E. Lea is a culmination of Amber's craft for nearly 30 years. Working with porcelain clay and fine metals, Amber aims to know where her materials comes from and who supplies it to ensure it won’t cause any further harm to the wearer or the planet.

Before working together, Amber was outgrowing her former brand from when she first started her business 9 years ago. She had evolved and so had her business and products. She was looking for branding, packaging, and a website that reflected her current vibe and future vision.

As she imagined the next decade of her business, Amber's goals were to establish a brick and mortar, expand price points to sell high-end homewares, and hire a small team for a more sustainable workload while giving back by mentoring college art students. She wanted to invest once and invest well, and knew that crafting a lasting brand experience was a critical to support the future vision for her business.

Elevated Gold Jewelry
jewelry designer logo


We knew we wanted to create a custom logotype that resembled the quality of Amber's one-of-a-kind pieces. Inspired by the contemporary art movement, this logotype is funky and approachable – yet sophisticated. Every letter has a bit of uniqueness to convey just the right personality. Instead of blending in with her competitors, Amber E. Lea stands out as professional and high-quality, elevating her brand presence for years to come.

With Amber's logomark, we conceptualized the idea of her brand tagline – art has no limits. Inspired from the shapes of her handcrafted jewelry, I created an abstract composition with upward momentum that conveys empowerment and impact. We highlighted that she was more than just a product, but Amber E. Lea thinks outside of the box, gives back to the community, and cares about people and the planet thriving.


website strategy

We ensured that Amber's site was ultra user-friendly and reflective of her handcrafted jewelry by blending beauty and functionality. We added custom details to make the entire brand experience unforgettable from initial touchpoint to repeat customer. Some of our favorite features include:

– A custom shape selector for her mix & match jewelry.
– The "pairs well with feature" to show customers how to layer different pieces.
– Custom artwork backgrounds that add a handcrafted element to a digital space.
– Beautiful, cohesive product & lifestyle photography.
– Small batch jewelry subscription for customers to refresh their jewelry with each season.
– Custom icons that quickly communicate her brand values.

From transferring her online store from Squarespace to Shopify, Amber is set up for the long-term vision for her business as she expands her product inventory, hires employees, and launches a physical store.


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Sustainably Made

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Fine Art


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Amber, founder of Amber E. Lea

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