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A restorative candle company creating jobs for women without homes.

handcrafted, feminine, empowering


When we were looking for our first home, my husband and I felt led to live near people in need. Following Jesus' example, our hope is to welcome those into family for those who have none. As we began to build relationships, we realized that there was a common need among the most vulnerable. Employment for women without homes.

Named after our close friend, Michelle Reposa, Reposa Candle Company is inspired from the concept of repurposing. Ultimately, Jesus repurposes our lives from ashes to beauty. By choosing a flexible, Christ-centered model to employ the "unemployable," we believe that healthy community and dignifying work can completely shift someone's life.

Although Reposa is currently a conceptual idea, our God-sized dream is to create employment for homeless individuals and encourage others to be repurposed for God's Kingdom.


Repurposing was the main idea I wanted Reposa to be known for. For the logotype, I repurposed a rejected concept from a former client while making some custom type tweaks to have a feminine, high-quality, handcrafted look and feel.

For the logomark, I created a custom hand drawn woman to signify the brand value of empowerment, newfound confidence, and purpose-driven work. Our audience would value how they could make an impact in their own community by purchasing a high-end, beautiful candle that provides employment for women without homes.

Expanding on the concept of repurposing, we wanted to create a candle vessel that could be reused a planter. Our heart is to create lasting beauty to inspire our employees and customers towards eternal impact.

The dreams you have for your brand are meant to come to fruition. We'll help make it happen.


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