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A sustainable skincare company empowering survivors of human trafficking

CLIENT: conceptual project

LOCATION: CHiAng mai, thailand


Photography: Cottonbro, mathilde langevin, karolina grabowska, haute stock, rebecca barrington

handcrafted, luxurious, sophisticated

vision & CHALLENGE

Known for its beautiful landscapes and lush botanicals, Thailand unfortunately is also known as a leading country for human trafficking.

Founder, Maleah Reverie was rescued from the sex industry and has since then found freedom, hope, and a fresh start through her faith in Jesus.

To replace her former employment, Maleah started her own skincare company harvesting botanicals locally grown in Thailand. Her business quickly took off and she began employing other trafficked survivors that needed employment.

Reverie has become one of the leading sustainable skincare brands in Thailand. In order to scale internationally, she knew she needed to rebrand to attract new Western audiences. Reverie needed branding, packaging, and a website that would stand the test of time, be positioned as a high-end brand, and clearly communicate their mission to aligned, impact-driven customers.


For design inspiration, we extracted Reverie's main differentiators.

Reverie handcrafts all of their skincare products and believes there's never a cookie-cutter solution for your skin. With their custom approach, we wanted that same concept to come through in the logotype. Each letter was hand-drawn to create striking contrast that stands out on the shelf and conveys an eye-catching, one-of-a-kind design.

For the logomark, we created a Thai inspired botanical that mimics the features of the logotype. This mark resembles the brand values of human flourishing, beauty, and renewal.

Highlighting Reverie's sustainable values and locally grown botanicals, we wanted the design to reflect perfect imperfections found in nature. For the brand pattern, we hand-cut paper botanicals to add a humanistic feel in a digital landscape. For the colors, we chose an organic, natural palette paired with bold accents to resonate with sustainable buyers while avoiding blending in.


Creativity is an evolving practice that requires years of rediscovering what makes our heart come alive.

With specializing in custom logotypes and handcrafted design elements, Reverie aligns perfectly to the e-commerce beauty brands that we love to work with.

When getting to work with businesses that put people over profit, our projects turn into our passion. Providing employment for trafficked survivors is a redemptive and powerful mission that connects deeply with our heart & calling.

The dreams you have for your brand are meant to come to fruition. We'll help make it happen.


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