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A lifestyle brand & community that equips the next generation of Christian families.

CLIENT: michael barnett

LOCATION: siloam springs, AR


PHOTOGRAPHY bY: nathan dumalo, Priscilla Du Preez, Evengi lazarev

approachable, curated, family-centered, modern

vision & CHALLENGE

Taking Ground was cultivated from a compassion towards Christian families who are struggling through everyday life without the tools and support they need to succeed in discipleship. The healing of our communities begins with the strengthening of our families through Christ. That’s why brothers and founders Michael and Stephen, together with their families, formed Taking Ground—to equip Christian families to take ground in their faith.

Before working together, Michael and Stephen had a big vision and passion for Taking Ground, but didn't have the time to execute ideas into a brand and website. Because their target audience was young Christian moms, they also valued a feminine perspective on the brand experience that would resonate with their customers.



Inspired by the brand values of innovation and relationship, I wanted to create a logo that felt approachable with purpose behind every design decision.

I created a semi-custom logo-type with rounded terminals to give an overall warm and friendly feel. The logo communicates being bold and established. The intentional ways the letters interact with each other communicates collaboration and the movement of making disciples.

The TG mark is symbolic of the shield of faith or a family crest. This makes your brand feel high quality and unique while appealing to both genders of parents.

Their audience perceives this as premium, family friendly, and intentional.



"Taking Ground provides a wide range of consulting and grant writing services, as well as offers parents products and resources for family discipleship. Since the launch of our website in 2021, it has become the go-to place for prospective customers that demonstrates credibility for our quality of work and the authenticity of our mission and people.

The website has been a critical component for lead generation as well as a platform to share our heart and mission.

We are excited about this year as we work to launch over 50 new products and launch our first pop-up shops in Northwest Arkansas. Having a well branded website is one of the most critical things any business owner needs to put their best foot forward. Businesses are no longer able to get by with a low-end website, and creatives like Morgan are essential to growing your business and credibility."

– Michael, Taking Ground

michael, Taking ground

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