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The Array Life Planner is intentionally designed to help you feel aligned to your calling and empowered to accomplish your goals in 2023. This 34 page digital planner will help you:

– Define your core values

– Unearth your long-term dreams

– Plan your aligned 2023 for each area of life

- Outline your business development goals

– Strategize + prioritize your quarters

– Define what matters most to you

– Eliminate stress and overwhelm of planning on your own

– And more!

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Our approach

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Design meaning

With the Array Seasonal Planner, our goal is to equip and motivate you to take practical steps towards your God-sized dreams. Instead of feeling pressure to plan out the entire year, we’ll focus on 90 days at a time to set you up for success. We believe that living intentionally fosters thriving growth in each season, in every area.

When planning, you need clarity and a clean slate. Elevated typography and plenty of white space helps you customize your Life Planner to fit your needs and aesthetic. Less is more, and good design goes unnoticed. It simply works.

You don’t have to wait until January first to get started. Array Seasonal Planner exists to help you focus on what matters most in whatever season you’re in. We want to help turn chaos into clarity, so you have space to create meaningful work and a lifestyle that aligns with your values.

Ready to make 2023 your best year yet?

buy now for $27

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