Take Your Brand from Boring to Brilliant with Custom Patterns & Illustration

May 20, 2024

Have you ever felt like there’s something missing with your brand? Maybe it’s lacking personality or meaning and you’re feeling detached from the outdated style.

You need a brand that helps you stand out from your competition, attracts the audience that cares about your values, and represents the quality of your products.

At Thuro, we specialize in creating brands that tells your deeper story through handcrafted patterns and illustrations. If you have a strong product line and feel like your brand is holding you back, our handcrafted design approach can be just what you need to take your brand from boring to brilliant.

Today we’re going to talk about how brand patterns & illustrations can bring your business to an elevated look where beauty leads and captivates.

How custom design creates a higher perceived value

Have you ever searched for stock illustrations to add some handcrafted depth to your brand, but then ended the search in a disappointed cringe? That’s because most of what you see online wasn’t designed specifically with your brand or aesthetic in mind.

Throughout our branding process, we’re constantly making design decisions based on curated research and how it will live in the real world. Before we even start sketching patterns or illustrations for your brand, we ensure that the illustration style communicates the vibe that your target audience is drawn to.

Whether we’re going for refined, elevated, luxe or a down-to-earth, personable, organic feel, your brand visuals are going to be the first thing that your customers see. Most of our clients have three similar goals in mind:

  1. Stand out on the shelf (or in the online space)
  2. Communicate their unique values & brand story
  3. Have elevated brand design that cohesively aligns to their high quality products

When you have high quality brand alignment with a high quality product, you’re able to sell at a premium price point and instill trust with customers. Blending one-of-a-kind design backed on strategy and research does exactly that.

Create surprise & delight for your customers with brand patterns

Elevate your unboxing experience with custom brand patterns. Packaging is a prime place to use brand patterns and feels like a thoughtful extension of your brand throughout every detail.

Our favorite way to make packaging sustainable is to make it feel like art! We love to think through reusable ways customers can use packaging – like the candle vessel that turn into a planter from Reposa. Or a custom note card that can be purposed as a framed art print that reminds customers of your brand beyond the first purchase – like the one from Amber E. Lea.

The possibilities of how custom patterns and illustrations make a positive impact on your brand are endless. We believe that creating a memorable unboxing experience is what stands the test of time, encourages repeat customers, and communicates the story behind your products in the ways that words alone fall short.

Our favorite applications for brand patterns

We looove brand patterns especially for product-based businesses because of how they create brand personality and memorable touch-points from first impression to loyal customer.

Here’s some inspiration of our favorite applications from past clients that have used their brand patterns and illustrations so beautifully.

  • Tissue Paper
  • Website Banners
  • Shopping Bags
  • Print Collateral
  • Social Media
  • Product Packaging
  • Wall Murals
  • & so much more!

Is it time for the brand upgrade you’ve been dreaming of? Let’s bring your vision to life and talk more about my signature service – The Handcrafted Brand Experience. Where we’ll craft all the details that align to your goals and tell your story as a high quality maker.

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