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"I knew in the beginning that I didn't want to use a font that hundreds of people have already used for their brand. I wanted something unique that captured my 1970s aesthetic. I've always admired Morgan's ability to create hand-lettering and knew that I could trust her to draw a logo that was custom made just for me."





Hayley was able to see her vision for Velvet Goldmine come to life by selling her curated pieces and growing her online business. By repurposing clothing, Hayley is able to reverse the harm of the fashion industry and plans to give a portion of the profit back to the community.

Designing a retro, one-of-a-kind look, Velvet Goldmine was a perfect candidate for a custom logotype. We decided on thick swashes and unique typographic details to make the overall logotype feel balanced, custom, and vintage inspired.

Wanting to express her passion for vintage clothes and slow fashion, Hayley wanted to start an online vintage shop curating clothes to be repurposed. With already having a full time job, she was looking for a designer that would understand her vision and aesthetic to build out her brand.


“Morgan was the first person I thought of to design my brand. I appreciate how much she loves helping people, how well she listens, and how she gives great advice. She's a joy to work with!"


The dreams you have for your brand are meant to come to fruition. We'll help make it happen.


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